Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Care

What's the difference between beard oil, beard butter, and beard balm? And do I use all three of these together?
Beard Oil: A Beard Oil's primary function is to moisturize your beard hair and the skin underneath. 
Beard Balm: A Balm will give you hold and control to keep stray hairs in place in your beard.
Bear Butter: Moisturizes your beard like the Beard Oil, but because it is thicker than oil, it will have the tiniest bit of hold as well.
Refer to our more  in depth blog titled: "The Difference Between Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Butter."
Why use a Beard Balm?
If you use Beard Oil on a regular basis, but still have crazy fly-away hairs, you should use a Beard Balm. A Beard Balm usually contains beeswax that gives it a sticky, thicker consistency which allows you to apply it to problem hairs and hold them down in place. Try it. It will really kick your beard up a notch.
How do I apply the Beard Oil to my Beard?
Try drizzling the oil directly on to the beard brush and combing it in.  This makes it less messy, and easier to work through the hair that way!
Will my beard be greasy when I use Beard Oil?
No, because most of the oil will be absorbed.  If your beard is unacceptably greasy, then you're using too much Beard Oil.  User error, oops.
Do I need a comb or a brush?
A Brush is great for all lengths of beard, and a comb is only useful for a long beard. A comb's purpose is to detangle, not shape. A good rule of thumb is to always include a brush in your daily routine and if your beard is long, use a comb in addition to a brush. Never own just a beard comb.
How can I encourage beard growth?
In a nutshell: take care of your skin, first! If you're just starting to grow a beard, no beard hair yet, start with your skin.  To get your skin in really good condition: Exfoliate skin to clear pores, use a moisturizer on your skin, eat healthy, drink water... Basically take care of yourself. The healthier your skin is, the better you hair will grow! And the more luscious your beard will look.
Do I really need to use a separate shampoo and conditioner for my beard? Why can't I just use what I have?
For some people, using what you have is fine. If your beard looks good, there's no reason to switch. But, a Beard Shampoo or Conditioner is made for facial hair and won't strip the natural oils away, unlike a head shampoo.  Most normal shampoos leave your scalp dry, because you are de-greasing it. But beards need a little more TLC, and by that I mean natural moisture and natural oil found in your skin. If you have a dry beard, that's why it gets frizzy with split ends and looks unruly. (Most of the time, if it's at that point, it's best to just shave it all off and start over.)
Do I really need  both? Depends on the person.  We often recommend that if you don't want to get both, start with a Beard Conditioner because that will moisturize the most.
How do I control the fly-away hairs in my beard?
If you've got a few fly-aways, they can be tamed by using a Beard Balm. A Beard Balm will really allow you to control and hold down the hairs not going with the flow. A Beard Brush will also help shape and tame your beard to lay in its proper place. Beard Oil will add moisture and will help with the random fly-aways. (Refer to the blog: The Difference Between Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Butter.)
But if you have a couple of hairs that consistently won't cooperate- take a pair of tiny scissors and cut them out of your beard. Nothing will go horribly wrong if you are missing 3 hairs from your beard if they are persistent offenders. Have those hairs start over and train them "from the git go" to cooperate at their new length.
My beard is frizzy and dry; how do I fix that?
Beard Oil + Beard Brush is a great combination and jumping off point into the world that is beard care. If it's really frizzy and dry, try a beard shampoo and conditioner.  We have an in-depth look into this perfect pairing here: Beard Products: Why Use Them? And What They're All About.