Beard Products: Why Use Them? And What They're All About.

It's a part of who you are.  It's the first thing people probably notice when they look at you. What am I talking about? Your beard! You should take care of it and nurture it and today I will talk about the products that will help you achieve that goal.
Before you get into the products, let's talk why you need to hydrate your beard.  Firstly, if you take care of your beard, it takes care of you (in a way):  You automatically look more professional.  You look more presentable.  You also look more appealing and attractive.  The latter leads into the second point: you are more cuddle-able. If your beard is neglected, it will be dry and scratchy and nobody will want to comb their hands through it on the couch.  Thirdly, you might not always have the  beard.  If you moisturize the hair, you are also hydrating the skin underneath your beard.   That way, when you shave it all off, your skin won't look flaky.
Daily Base level Beard Care Items:
    • Beard Oil
    • Brush
Beard Oil:
Beard oils add moisture which will calm your beard down.  When you use beard oil, you will have less crazy flyaway hairs and it will also prevents split ends.  Oils in beard oil are really good for your skin too! As mentioned earlier, you might not keep the beard for life.  So take care of the skin that lies underneath it. 
When you use beard oil, use it in conjunction with a brush! Together, they help relax your beard hair which will help "tame" it. These two together will  place you one step closer to having your best beard possible.  It is recommended that you start using beard oil and brush and TRAIN it from the get-go.  Train it from new growth.
Expert Tip:  Try drizzling the oil directly on to the beard brush and combing it in.  This makes it less messy, and easier to work through the hair that way!
I have a beard and I've never used products before.  Where do I start?
    1. Give your beard a tiny trim.
    2. Start using beard oil and a brush TODAY. 
By trimming your beard, you are shaping your beard which will automatically make it look better and less disheveled.  Contrary to popular belief: many think that the longer the beard, the more full it looks.  WRONG! Those long whispy beard hairs actually make it look airy, scraggly, and less healthy which is not what you want.  By shaping your beard, you make it look fuller! Trust me! We are talking about 1/8 of an inch in some places and 1/4 of an inch in others.  Not a lot of waste.  You know those men that think a  comb-over will make their head look fuller? Well it's the same idea.  You know how the trimming of your head hair encourages healthy growth? It's the same idea; Trim your beard.
I hope you have found this helpful! Beard care is a common topic discussed at the Just For Him shop and we are please to share our wealth (or cesspool) of knowledge! If you have any more questions, think about stopping in or maybe parous our Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Care Blog, just in case.