Retro 51 Brass Classic Rollerball

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These pens are instant classics, with vibrant colors and polished brass accent trim. Retro 51 pens make great gifts! They are the perfect combination of style and function... Trust me, I personally own many of them and use them every day at work.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Twist top rollerball pen
  • Lacquer finished colors (won't fade or rub off)
  • Polished brass trim
  • Stainless steel barrel for all pens except Orange, which has a brass barrel
  • Comes with fun packaging
  • Engraved brass top disc
  • Uses REF5P rollerball refill

Colors shown from left to right: stainless steel, pink, red, orange, kiwi, green, peacock, true blue, ice blue, purple, brown, black

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