Ogallala Soap & Shampoo Bar - Creamy Bay Rum & Sweet Orange

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I made the switch from body wash to bar soap a few years ago, and I can't see any reason to go back. Most bar soaps have less ingredients (like foaming agents) to dry out your skin. Plus I save a ton of room in the shower, and I feel pretty darn good about NOT throwing away big plastic bottles every couple of months! Life is just... simpler.

This bar soap from Ogallala doubles as a shampoo bar, as well! That means you could potentially cut down your plastic bottle waste substantially and smell great doing it.

Creamy Bay Rum & Sweet Orange is a musky citrus fragrance. This fragrance and the Limes & Peppercorns fragrance are my two favorites from Ogallala. The bright citrus scent blends perfectly with the spicy Bay Rum, and you'd have a hard time finding this fragrance anywhere else on the market!

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