Odor Eliminator Soy Candle | Rescue Dog Lucy | Palo Santo

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This Palo Santo candle will fill your house with fragrance, and eliminate bad odors while it's at it! 

Fox + Hound Odor Eliminating Candles don't just cover smells with strong scents - they are actually formulated to neutralize odors. And guess what... They work! We love these candles.

Palo Santo is a captivating fragrance. Part woodsy, part sweet, overall warm. This is the type of fragrance you can never quite pinpoint, except to say that it's luxurious.

This candle is dedicated to Rescue Dog Lucy, and all other rescue dogs out there who fill the world with goodness! Fox + Hound donates a portion of all proceeds to the Fox + Hound K9 Foundation.

16 oz candle; double wick

Made in USA

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