Fox + Hound

Whether it’s a sunset walk in the woods, a quick run through a heap of leaves, or a quiet evening cuddled on a comfy couch, we do it all with our best friends. With four legs and a fur coat, our dogs are the most loyal companions we have. We may feed them and walk them, but the truth is, they take care of us. Running, playing, adventuring or being still — the bond between us is unbreakable.
Our dogs are worth our time. Our care. Our love and attention. That’s what we believe at Fox + Hound. As dog owners, we have spent years creating the perfect formulas that are safe for our pups and contain many natural ingredients. We’ve developed outstanding compounds for shampoos, flea and tick spray, paw pad salves and more. So when you’re looking to treat your dog to some TLC, consider Fox + Hound. Because man’s best friend deserves a dog’s best products.