Odor Eliminator Soy Candle | K9 Axe | Nag Champa

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This candle by Fox + Hound was inspired by K9 axe from the Waterloo police department K9 unit in Waterloo, Iowa. Axe is assigned to the violent crime apprehension team. K9 axe is trained in narcotic detection, tracking, patrol (apprehension & handler protection), and article search. K9 axe won narcotics detection case of the year in 2018 and top rookie dog in 2019.

The nag champa candle emanates a captivating blend of earthy and floral notes, creating a serene and mystical atmosphere. Its alluring fragrance is derived from a unique combination of aromatic woods, such as sandalwood and cedarwood, delicately infused with exotic floral scents like frangipani and jasmine. This harmonious fusion creates a mesmerizing bouquet that is both grounding and transcendent.

16 oz

Double wick

Made in USA

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