Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor - Gold

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Everyone knows and loves the Merkur 34C, but have you seen the Merkur 34G? That's "G" for gold, friends.

This three-piece safety razor is identical to the ever-popular 34C, but is gold-plated as opposed to the standard chrome finish. Can you imagine a more stylish razor gracing your bathroom counter? Nope.

Looks aside, the Merkur 34G is manufactured in Solingen, Germany and built to last a lifetime and beyond. The weighty-yet-short handle is well-known in the shaving world for its balance and maneuverability.

(If you're new to wet shaving and safety razors, weight in a handle is more important than length. It's all about letting gravity do most of the work for you!)

Here are the specs for this sexy little razor:

  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Approx 3.25" total length
  • Approx 68g total weight
  • Uses standard double edge safety razor blades
  • Three-piece construction
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