Fragrance Spray For Dogs - Acadia

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Picture it: Your in-laws are due for dinner any minute, and you let your dog in from the back yard. Lo and behold, he's found something nasty to roll in. Fragrance Spray to the rescue!

The high-quality nozzle on these spray bottles allow you to spritz just a teensy bit on your dog, or you can give him a full blast. The fragrance is also buildable, so you can really customize the amount of scent for your pup. For best results, concentrate spray around the neck and back.

Acadia is part of Fox + Hound's Outdoor Adventure Collection, and features a woodsy amber fragrance with base notes of tonka and musk.

  • Fox + Hound donates a portion of proceeds to the Vegas Casino K9 Foundation.
  • 8 oz spray bottle
  • Made in the US


Ingredients: Organic aloe vera leaf juice, sodium lauroyl lactylate, provitamin B5, Vitamin E, dead sea salt, hydrolyzed silk protein, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, fragrance

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