Edwin Jagger Ebony Plain Acrylic Safety Razor

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Whether you're just starting your wet shaving journey, or you want a reliable razor to add to your shave den, Edwin Jagger's DE86 is as solid as they come!

Material: black polyester handle with chrome accents

Length: 3.7 inches

Weight: 67 grams

Made in England.

| William Shephard 20-09-2022 04:50

I bought the DE86 Ebony as a fill in while my beloved 1941 Tech Ranger was getting a tune up and replate.

I was looking for a good reasonably priced razor just to fill. To my utter astonishment this razor turned out to be really, really great.

The DE86 would be a great starter razor or for a saving veteran. Even when my 41 comes back I am going to keep the DE86 in use also because it just that good.

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