Edwin Jagger 3One6 Stainless Steel Silver Safety Razor

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The new Edwin Jagger 3One6 Safety Razor is built to last a lifetime and beyond. Here's what you need to know about this gorgeous piece of engineering:

  • Collar and end-cap made from Sheffield 316 grade stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and pitting
  • Brand new two part head made using metal injection moulding
  • Generates minimal blade feel for a comfortable and premium shave
  • Easy-to-use and equally effective from a variety of shaving angles
  • Fluting on the anodised aluminum handle ensures precision grip
  • Smooth, clean and bright appearance, free from impurities
  • Includes a free pack of 5 Feather DE razor blades
  • 96.6mm long and weighs 58.9g (a little over 2 oz)
  • 100% made in the UK


Now for the interesting details that make this razor unique!

Edwin Jagger is well known for their smooth-shaving razor heads. Many beginner wet shavers start with a Jagger because of this reputation. The 3One6 has an entirely new head design using entirely new materials, but don't worry - you'll still get that smooth, easy shave. 

The two-part razor head is produced using 100% metal injection moulding (MIM). This process involves combining pure metal powders with binding materials, making injection and manipulation easier to control. The combination is injected into unique Edwin Jagger tooling using extreme pressure followed by heat. The MIM process creates a very strong material. 

Not only are the materials all-new, but so is the design of the razor head. Raised rails on the base plate create the perfect position for the blade, giving you a comfortable shave from any angle. This design came from years of experience and lots of testing.

The skin guard of the 3One6 features subtle horizontal ridges that gently stretch your skin to create a uniform shaving surface. Excess lather is channeled away through four narrow lather slots, preventing the razor from clogging as it shaves. (Most other safety razors, including other Edwin Jagger razors, have a completely open lather slot. It will be interesting to see side-by-side comparisons of how this little detail will alter a shave.)

Little details such as the length of the central screw and the design of the locating pins ensure that this razor will withstand plenty of abuse. 

As mentioned above, the end-cap and collar of the 3One6 are CNC machined from Sheffield-forged 316 grade stainless steel (hence the razor's name.) For you metal nerds out there, this razor is the first of its type to be commercially manufactured from genuine Sheffield 316 stainless steel, IN Sheffield. 

The handle is made from aerospace grade anodised aluminum, making it more lightweight than a solid stainless steel handle, yet extremely strong. Anodisation prevents the razor from oxidizing and adds fine texture for grip. Grip is also aided by the long fluting detail around the handle. 

Fun fact: The original batches of handles were tested with up to one quarter of a metric ton of pressure without failing. 

In addition to all of this, each razor is inspected, hand-polished, and hand-packed in Sheffield. Oh, and the packaging is made from recycled materials. This razor really is the culmination of decades of experience, and it's good to see a long-standing manufacturer create something entirely new. That requires a lot of confidence.

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