Book Darts - Stainless Steel

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Book Darts are little metal slide-on clips that mark your place on a page. If at first this seems unnecessary, consider the possibilities! Not only can you mark your page like an ordinary bookmark, but you can mark the exact passage where you left off. If you're a student, use Book Darts to mark important paragraphs in your textbook (goodbye highlighters!). Musician? Knitter? Want to mark passages in your car manual?  You get the idea!

These lightweight metal clips will not leave any marks on your pages, and they stay in place amazingly well.

If you can't tell already, I use these on a regular basis: I read a lot of biographies and historical non-fiction (BORING, I know), and I use Book Darts to mark interesting tidbits that I want to do further research on.


125 per container


Made in the U.S. 

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