Book Darts | Author Series | James Baldwin

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Tin of 50 mixed metal (bronze, brass and stainless steel) Book Darts, featuring James Baldwin on the tin.

Book Darts: the greatest invention since the printing press! Okay, that might be overstating it a little, but we're seriously big fans of these. 

These small metal "darts" allow you to mark a page, or even a specific line on a page, without harming the book at all. They fit tightly enough that they'll never slip off the page on their own, but they're designed to ensure they leave no marks. 

How does this apply to your reading habits? If you're a student, imagine being able to mark specific lines in your textbooks without damaging the book. Go to bible study? Mark the passages you'll be discussing. Are you simply an avid reader? These work perfectly as general bookmarks, especially since you can mark the line where you left off! 

The possibilities are endless for this brilliantly simple product.


Made in the USA

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