Mountain Man Beard Oil

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Mountain Man beard oils are a favorite in our shop! 

All Mountain Man beard oils are made with a proprietary blend of 100% natural oils. If your skin is sensitive to synthetic fragrance oils, try Mountain Man! Even the fragrances are all-natural.


1 oz 


South Woods: Citrus

Santa Woods: Sugar Cookie!

420 Woods: Cannabis Flower

Birch Woods: Root Beer

Summer Woods: Warm/Earthy

Sweet Woods: Woodsy/Vanilla (Best Seller)

North Woods: Light Woodsy

Fall Woods: Warm, woodsy, and cozy, with notes of clove and cinnamon

Bourbon Woods: Quickly becoming a customer favorite! This smells like bourbon, but it's a mild enough scent that you're not going to get weird looks from your coworkers. 

Sweet Tobacco Woods: Sweet pipe tobacco scent

West Woods: Clary Sage scent

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