Mara Mug | Bowling | 16 oz

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Need a mug that will keep your coffee warm until you finish it? Or perhaps a mug that will fit your giant man hands? Look no further.

Inspired by the designs of the late ceramicist Mara, these stoneware mugs are functional pieces of art! Each mug is decorated by hand, so technically each one is unique. You'll notice slight variations in the designs of each mug which gives them a very personal touch. 

This mug features two bowling balls striking two sets of pins. The artwork wraps around the mug. 

  • Heavy duty stoneware: each mug weighs 1.5 lbs!!
  • Large size: height ~4.25", exterior diameter ~4"
  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Made in Mexico

*Product listing is for ONE mug.*

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