Harris Tweed Flask 6 oz

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Need a flask, but want something more unique and interesting?

These flasks are wrapped in authentic Harris Tweed fabrics. You can choose your design based on aesthetics, or try to find your ancestors' tartan pattern!

Read more about the flasks by the women who make them:

"The flask itself is stainless steel and is wrapped in a snug fitting, removable Harris Tweed jacket which has been lined in our own iconic fabric which features watercolor paintings from Edinburgh artist The Arty Penguin. The iconic Orb label stitched to the front ensures the authenticity of the cloth.

The sleeve can be hand-washed making it practical as well as stylish.

Depending on how the cloth has been cut may result in pattern variation, making each one unique."


  • 6 oz stainless steel flask
  • Handmade Harris Tweed flask "jacket"
  • Gift Box Included!!
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