Dr. Jon's

"My wife and I have spent several years working in the finance and banking industries, during that time we put in more hours than we would care to think about. We often discussed the fact the we needed to take more time and enjoy the simple pleasure in life and make more time for ourselves.

Not Long ago I started looking into the idea of wet shaving and fell in love! I immediately purchased a brush, razor and a variety of blades and never looked back. This was exactly what I needed, a way to turn a hated daily chore into a morning ritual that I started to cherish and look forward to. I couldn't believe the quality of the shave I received and the enjoyment I found from the multitude of fragrant soaps and creams I had accrued. Not only did I suddenly love shaving, I couldn't stop talking about shaving! I talked to my wife, friends and even the bartender at our local watering hole. At some point shaving had gone from a chore, to an enjoyable part of my morning, to a hobby and finally becoming an obsession."