Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Starter Kit

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Say hello to your new favorite home bar tool! Cocktail smokers allow you to infuse your drinks with different types of wood smoke, giving them delicious new dimensions. 

Using a cocktail smoker is simple: place the lid on a glass with the screen inside the glass. Top the screen off with your wood chips, and torch them! 

The Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get going, minus the liquor. This is an excellent gift idea for a variety of occasions: housewarming, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, holidays, etc. 

This handsomely packaged Cocktail Smoker kit includes:

  • one glass
  • one smoking lid with two screens (plus cleaning brush)
  • one butane four-burner torch (butane not included)
  • one 2 oz container of Oak wood chips

Aged & Charred is based in North Kansas City

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