The Artisan Soap Shoppe - Humidor Shaving Soap

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The Artisan Soap Shoppe shaving soaps produce a slick, rich lather with very little effort. Coconut Oil and glycerin provide a moisturizing effect, so your shave won't leave you with dry skin.


"Humidor" is a blend of spanish cedar and tobacco. This mild and relaxing fragrance is lightly musky, with that particular warm note tobacco provides. We're all hooked!


6 oz in plastic tub


Made in Springfield, MO


Ingredients: Stearic acid, coconut oil, water, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, fragrance, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate

| Dan V. 04-09-2017 17:00

I didn't go into JFH looking to buy a soap from The Artisan Soap Shoppe, but after smelling the intoxicatingly scent... I had to bring it home!
I've not had good success with some vegan soaps in the past, but I've lathered and shaved with Humidor twice now. The performance of this soap matches the scent. Absolutely fantastic!
This soap provides good cushion and tons of slickness. The face feel is not like other vegan soaps I've tried. It feels more like a tallow based soap. Combine all that with the wonderful tobacco scent, and you have a WINNER!!
At just $12,95 for 6 oz. of soap, it's one of the best deals out there.

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