Retro 51 Herald Rollerball Popper

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  • Limited edition of 1951 pieces 
  • Stainless Steel barrel with print over it
  • Top Disc imprint of globe
  • Rollerball refill
  • Antique silver trim
  • Limited edition numbering on top ring

Hear ye! Hear ye! Retro 51 announces the arrival of the first Popper of the year Twenty Twenty-One. It has been said that "Life is too short..." and together with you we carry forward the message loud and clear. With great pleasure, we present The Herald.

This Tornado Rollerball pays homage to the legacy of Retro 51 with an exuberance to continue the mission into the future. Hidden surprises encircle the pen, yet the message is clear... LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO CARRY AN UGLY PEN! With this special release, you have been given the keys and agree to carry forth this message to the world. The Herald is limited to 1951 pieces so make sure to secure this keystone design for your collection.

For the first time we now offer a matching Rickshaw Bag's single pen sleeve to store the Herald. Sold separately. 

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