Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Vetiver Planet Aftershave & Cologne

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Vetiver Planet is truly a Vetiver-lover's dream. It's grassy and organic, but so much more!

This other-worldly fragrance is created with Indian Vetiver Absolute, Réunion Vetivert Hydrosol, Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil, Sri Lankan Vetiver Essential Oil and Vetiver Double Distilled Essential Oil.


From the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements website:

Indian Vetiver Absolute: Unlike the notable sweet top note found in the Indian Vetiver Essential Oil, you will find it muted in the absolute. Instead a bold, cade-like smokiness and choya leatheriness takes shape in its own orbit. You may also pick up a slight citrus coolness that mingles and teases bitter notes of chocolate, decomposing wood, mossy mustiness and deep, dark amber.

Réunion Vetivert Hydrosol: Vetiver was introduced to Reunion Island in the 1800s, Originally distilled by Ferdinand Pévérelly. Vetiver is grown mainly in southern Reunion. Three varieties are grown on the island and this particular hyrdrosol comes from the Java Vetiver strain which carries a slightly smokier aroma.

Organic Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil: Deep, slightly sweet and resinous, with pronounced earth and root notes and light smoky undertones.

Organic Sri Lankan Vetiver Essential Oil: An excellent, full-bodied, deep, rich and smoky, with strong wood and root notes; has the deepest, most complex character of all the Vetiver oils used in this blend.

Organic Vetiver Double Distilled Essential Oil: Exceptionally smooth, sweet, and refined aroma with a very light green top note; smoother than the other Vetiver oils found in Vetiver Planet and without any smoky or harsh notes, yet has a deep, rich, earthy, and tenacious character and an appealing sweet wood quality.


3.5 oz in glass bottle


Ingredients: Alcohol, Vetiver Hydrosol, Essential Oil, Hedione, Glycerin Aloe Vera, Vetiver Absolute, Alum, Wormwood Steeped

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