Magritte Man In Bowler Hat & Dove Statue

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Ah, Surrealism. It's hard to not have an opinion on Surrealism. Your best bet is to try to find your own meaning in surrealist art, instead of trying to decipher the artist's meaning.

That being said, Rene Magritte made the following statement which shines some light on his famous works, "Son of Man" and "Man in a Bowler Hat":

"Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see, but it is impossible. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present."

Layers of an onion sort-of-thing, right? Right.


So, the geeky-fun thing about this 3D statue, which is based on a 2D painting, is that we are actually able to SEE that which was hidden in the original artwork. In Magritte's painting the man's face is obscured by a dove, but with this statue you can see behind the dove to the man's face. I wonder what Magritte would think about that?

Size: 6" x 5.25" x 5"

Weight: 2.1 lbs

Resin; hand-painted


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