Dr. Jon's Aftershave Tonic Tangerine Dream

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Sweet, sweet summer in a bottle! Tangerine Dream is a blend of tangerine, mango and vanilla. It smells totally edible, but please don't try. The vanilla keeps the overall fragrance more on the creamy side, and less citrus-y. It's so good!

Dr. Jon's Aftershave Tonics are crafted thoughtfully. Every ingredient serves a purpose: Rose Water and Aloe for their healing properties, Alcohol as an antiseptic, Glycerin to hydrate, Witch Hazel to soothe and refresh your skin, Alum to tighten your skin and Menthol to cool you down after your shave. 


4 oz in glass bottle

Made in Ohio

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch  Hazel,  Rose Water, Fragrance, Aloe, Menthol, Alum

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