Local Highlights: Fall 2018 Update

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  • By Amanda

Southwest Missouri - Locally Made Products at Just For Him

Southwest Missouri is overflowing with creative and talented individuals, and we're happy to stock many of their products. Here's an overview of some of our local brands, as of Fall 2018:


  • Fox + Hound Pet Grooming Products - These products (shampoos, nose salves, odor eliminating sprays, etc.) are safe for dogs with sensitive skin issues. Also check out their odor eliminating candles!
  • Emerson Park Men's Grooming/Home Decor - Lotions, aftershave, cologne, candles... They're all awesome. Our best selling product from Emerson Park is the Nightfall Solid Cologne.
  • My Gigi's House Men's Bracelets - Made with a variety of beads, each bracelet is unique. For guy's who wear jewelry, there's something here for everyone.
  • Lombardos Leather - From small items like key fobs and toothpick holders, to large items like messenger bags and cigar carrying cases, Tonya from Lombardos Leather can make it all. We especially love the cigar carrying cases and the cigar cutter sleeves.
  • Reborn Co. Candles - These 100% soy wax candles are made by a veteran-owned company. We stock a variety of fragrances but our most popular are Cuban Cigar, Apple Pipe Tobacco, and Grandpa's Pipe. 
  • Shelly's Smellies Candles & Car Smellies - Made with palm wax and poured in mason jars, these candles have a very long burn time. If you love the smell of leather, look for the Weathered Leather candle - it's the purest leather scent we've found in candle form. And the car smellies? They're delightful as well.
  • Flint Knapping Books & more by D.C. Waldorf - Mr. Waldorf is a flint knapping guru, and we're proud to carry two of his books (The Art of Flint Knapping and The Art of Making Primitive Bows & Arrows) In addition, we have a couple posters that were illustrated by his late wife, Valerie Waldorf. If you're the least bit interested in ancient flint weaponry or Native American history, these posters will keep you intrigued for a long time to come.
  • Creation Carvings - Customers love the hand-carved walking sticks by Creation Carvings, which feature bears, wolves, morels, and old bearded men. Also check out the cedar log jewelry boxes, which have a hidden drawer.
  • Clockwork Leather Co. - The leather steampunk hats by Clockwork Leather Co. have thrilled customers for years now. Whether you wear them or display them, these hats are too cool for school.
  • JL Leather Shoppe - Another talented local leather artisan, especially skilled at hand-tooling. We carry wallets, card cases, money clips, and one very fancy notebook cover by JL Leather. 
  • Mudbug Creations - For unique, handmade pottery pieces at a perfectly reasonable price, look no further than Mudbug Creations. We have coffee mugs, large steins, shaving bowls, and more on offer here at the shop. 
  • Mudhouse Coffee - Words cannot express how much we love our special "Just For Him" Mudhouse blend of coffee. This bold roast, only available in whole beans, is what we drink at the shop every single day
  • Brick & Mortar Coffee - We normally have 3 or 4 blends on offer (whole beans only), from medium-bodied to strong. The most popular blend is "Ampersand", which we think pairs nicely with a cigar. 
  • Peddler's Medley Spray Paint Art and Chain Mail Jewelry - Nerds rejoice! We have some really neat spray paint art (11" by 14"), with themes from Firefly, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and more. We also have chain mail jewelry, which I imagine takes FOREVER to make. 


  • E.B. Latheworks shaving brushes
  • Sean Summers shaving brushes
  • The Artisan Soap Shoppe shaving soap, beard balm, bath soap, aftershave & more
  • Emerson Park shaving soap, aftershave, bath soap & cologne
  • MO Beards beard oil & beard butter
  • Whistling Dick's beard oil
  • Jake's Blue Collar beard oil & beard balm
  • Brass Knuckle beard oil


Hopefully I didn't forget anyone. We also stock quite a few brands that are almost local - Black Tie Razor Co. from St. Louis; Stirling Soap Co. from Booneville AR; Speedy Salsa Mix from Hickory Hill MO; Buffalo River Beard Co. from Arkansas; Barrel Brands Beard & Tattoo Oil from St. Louis; and more. 

And if tobacco pipes are your thing, we stock locally-made, extremely high quality pipes from Matt Roussell and Mark Price. Shout out to Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes to our north in Washington, MO.